Your Questions Answered ...

The Way Retreat Center is a Christian facility open to people of all faiths. It does not discriminate on the basis of religious views or faith practices. With a strong Christian faith in the Permian Basin, there is a need for a non-denominational retreat center to meet the spiritual needs of many.

With Midland serving as a hub for a number of corporate offices, the financial
gain from having staff retreats and meetings in Midland rather than a distant or remote location is a clear advantage for our local economy.

The Way will serve as the only retreat facility within Midland County that is
faith-centered and that will appeal to both the spiritual and professional groups.

Individuals purposely choose to leave their normal routines when on retreat,
so they can focus on a greater purpose when away. The goal for most is to return
to their daily lives with a new perspective on life and a deepened personal faith
and spirit. In following the steps of Jesus, who demonstrated the benefit of reflection in his life, The Way intends for all who visit to have that opportunity.

In Midland and the Permian Basin, the need among churches and businesses
to foster the personal and spiritual growth of their congregants, parishioners and employees continues to grow. Locally, the demand for retreat centers is clear:

-- In 2015, there was an 8-12 month advance scheduling requirement at Christ
the King Retreat Center in San Angelo, one of only two nearby retreat facilities.

-- With more than 150 churches and 200 businesses that employ more than 100
in the Midland/Odessa area, there is a growing need for a retreat center closer to home. In fulfilling our mission of providing a multi-denominational facility for churches to use as a spiritual retreat center, The Way will offer affordable rates for faith-based and non-profit organizations. To offset these lower fees, the facilities will also make itself available to the corporate market for executive board and staff business retreats. With the intention of meeting the professional standards required of corporate retreats, the facility will be built with modern advantages to meet executive expectations. In addition, The Way will also feature a scenic and peaceful venue for weddings.


The Way will provide Midland and the Permian Basin with the only retreat center within minutes of the heart of downtown yet in the peaceful, rural setting of the West Texas landscape. Our facilities will be constructed to meet the comfort and well-being of the mind, spirit, and body.

With access off of East Loop 250, The Way is a 20-acre complex built on 270 acres of serene land in northeast Midland.

Ease of travel to the The Way will decrease barriers that individuals, families, and groups may have when making the retreat commitment. Guests will enjoy the advantage of a marked decrease in travel time and distance that has been experienced with other area retreat centers, and parents can feel more at ease leaving their children for youth retreats knowing they are nearby. Coporate management and staff will also be closer to family and offices when participating in business retreats. This will also result in direct organizational benefits, such as savings on mileage expenses and increased employee/church member attendance.

The Way’s seven casitas and hacienda will host up to 80 overnight guests, with each small house (and hacienda) accommodating 10 retreatants.

-- Each casita has five bedrooms and five bathrooms for comfort
and privacy.

-- Each bedroom includes a shared bathroom, vanity and closet.

-- A centralized common room will serve as a focal point for interaction
among guests in each casita.

-- For corporate retreats, these accommodations can be tailored
to have 1 person per room, therefore serving 40 overnight guests.

-- A shared dining area will be provided to all guests, with the availability
of catering services or kitchen use.

A distinguishing feature of The Way will be our Hacienda. This all-encompassing facility with both lodging and work amenities includes:
-- a spacious living room,
-- modern kitchen,
-- indoor and outdoor comfortable dining areas,
-- a spacious conference room,
-- five bedrooms,
-- a private bathroom equipped with modern hotel conveniences.

The Hacienda will also include one larger bedroom that can be used as a bridal suite for weddings or corporate suites for business professionals. Guests will look out onto a beautifully landscaped courtyard with flora and fountains to enhance a peaceful atmosphere. The Hacienda can be used for one-day, non-profit or corporate retreats, and is just steps away from the chapel.


Our beautiful chapel can seat 200. In addition to large retreat presentations and worship services, the chapel is available by reservation to host weddings and other family celebrations. The chapel's architectural features include a 60-foot tower and cupola, which can be seen from miles away, and 12-foot circular stained glasswork behind the altar.


The Way offers a 307-person capacity conference room/dining hall for shared meeting space and presentations. These two dining rooms can be broken into two rooms with the ease of a retractable wall in the middle of the two rooms. State-of-the-art technology and sound will be available to meet the audiio-video needs of a variety of gatherings.


For the first year of operation, at least 3,500 people are anticipated to visit the center for spiritual and business retreats, and personal events (weddings, anniversary celebrations, and family reunions).

Churches will also use The Way for adult and youth activities, such as spiritual retreats, Bible camps, preparation sessions, engaged encounter weekends, 12 -step retreats, and bereavement retreats.

Businesses, corporations, companies and non-profit organizations can use The Way for board retreats, strategic planning meetings, and/or staff meetings.

To provide for our annual projected operating budget of $520,000, a detailed business plan has been developed to determine the needed revenue of The Way.

Plans include a detailed booking analysis which will:

-- outline the number of reservations and rental revenue that needs to be generated to meet annual operating expenses. The analysis includes a rental rate for private businesses and events that will help offset lower rates offered to non-profits and churches.

Expected business plans project 80% potential capacity in the first 18-24 months with an aggressive marketing plan to be put into place 6-8 months prior to opening date. In addition to revenue generated from guest reservations, an annual event will also be held to raise funds for operating expenses.

Use Fees / Reservations

Later in 2017, representatives from The Way Retreat Center will turn their attention toward establishing user fees for retreatants as well as a reservation system and calendar. Please continue to check back as we make our way toward this important development.